Who can help me find a job? Recruitment agencies are here for you!



Whether you are looking to re-enter the workforce or leave your current position, finding a job can be a stressful and anxious process.

Today’s labour market is highly competitive, and with an increase in graduates over the last few years, finding a job has become more difficult than ever.

When the job search just isn’t working out in your favour, you have probably thought to yourself
‘Who can help me find a job?’…

This is where recruitment agencies come into the picture.

A recruitment agency’s role is to find suitable candidates to fill job vacancies on behalf of employers. Ultimately, making the job search easier on you as recruitment agencies do all the work.

If you are struggling to find a job, not to worry, recruitment agencies are here to help.

5 ways recruitment agencies can help in finding a job
  1. Recruitment agencies have access to unlisted job openings

    Say goodbye to job-boards, and hello to recruitment agencies.

    Recruitment agencies can help you find a job by providing you with access to unlisted job openings that are not available to the general public.

    Recruitment agencies also have a long list of networks and connections, so when job vacancies become available, they can direct you to the openings according to your skill, location and preference. This means that your search is filtered before the filtering process even begins!

    So, no need to stress about finding job openings anymore, leave that to the recruiters.

  2. Recruitment agencies actually want to help you find a job

    Recruitment agencies have the responsibility of filling up job vacancies for their clients, as they are getting paid to do so.

    Recruitment agencies create a win-win situation for all parties involved. Clients find the perfect candidates to fill up their vacancies, candidates find jobs, and recruitment agencies get compensated.

    Therefore, a recruiter will be just as motivated as you are to find you a job.

  3. Recruitment agencies can help enhance your resume

    Recruiters are the masters of resumes, as they spend countless amounts of hours reviewing them.

    Recruitment agencies know what their clients are looking for in potential candidates, therefore they can give you advice on your resume, and help you improve it so you have a better chance of finding a job.

    Top resume tips from a recruitment agency:

    • Use keywords in your resume that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will pick up on

    • Choose the right type of resume; chronological, functional, or combination

    • Proofread, proofread, proofread! If a resume is full of grammatical errors, this reflects badly on the applicant, and ATS will most likely disregard the application

    • Always include references

    • Avoid sharing personal information such as date of birth, race, religion, political affiliation.

  4. Recruitment agencies keep your details in a database

    If you apply for a job opening through a recruitment agency and don’t get the job, you remain in the recruitment agencies database. Your information and resume are kept on file for any potential job opportunities.

    Recruitment agencies use ATS to keep track of candidates resumes. When a job opening becomes available, ATS software scans through all the resumes and matches them to the job opening.

    So, don’t stress if you don’t get the first position you are matched with because another one will come along.

  5. Recruitment agencies will save you time

    As many of us know, the job-searching process can feel like it is never-ending!

    Recruitment agencies can help you find a job, whilst also speeding up the process. Recruitment agencies know what job openings are available, and what job would suit you, matching you to your perfect role.

    Say goodbye to all the hours you’ve spent searching the internet for job openings and hello to job recruitment agencies.

A recruitment agency’s process – helping you find a suitable job:

i) The recruitment agency provides detailed descriptions of vacant roles and job advertisements. This is then scanned through the system to access the candidate database.

ii) Suitable candidates are filtered, shortlisted and interviewed by recruiters over the phone.

iii) Candidates visit the recruitment agency office for a follow-up interview to confirm suitability.

iv) During the interview, the candidate will provide the agency with references, which are then screened and assessed.

v) Resumes and references for suitable candidates are forwarded to the client looking for new employees.

vi) An interview is held between the client and the shortlisted candidate.

vii) Recruitment agencies provide clients with advice, and thereafter the client will determine the most suitable candidate.

Thanks to recruitment agencies, you no longer need to Google “who can help me find a job”! The recruitment agency process is designed to help you find the perfect job opening, in a simple and speedy manner. Say hello to your new career!

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