Looking For A Job Is Hard Work: The Process Of Recruitment Agencies


The Process Of Recruitment Agencies

Graduated university, bored with your job or looking for more responsibility? All of these require a comprehensive job hunt. At most times this can be extremely stressful. Looking and applying for a job may be easy, but that’s not the only part involved in the recruitment process.

From then on, the process only gets more difficult requiring hard work, time and commitment to keeping your eyes on the prize.

Telephone interviews, interviews with recruitment agencies, interviews with recruiters, employer meetings, second interviews, references and the list goes on. Yes, searching for a job can be quite an exhausting procedure.

In addition to this, certain recruitment agencies also have specific guidelines by which they base their decision on.

It is important to understand the power of the recruiting party as they are there for most of the process and are the ones who first and foremost analyse skills and experience. The evaluation and assessment of your resume can determine the success of your application and forward you to the second phase of recruiting. As a job hunter, you have the ability to influence the process by taking the time to research different positions available as well as bring forward your abilities/strengths throughout the whole process. It is important to not be disheartened if one job does not work out, as there will always be another opportunity.

Use recruitment agencies but don’t be limited …

Your skills and experience can determine the likelihood of securing a job. Many factors determine the likelihood of finding a job – including external influences such as Melbourne’s unemployment rate. The problem is not necessarily the number of jobs or this rate however. The question then arises – why is it so difficult to find the right job? Recruitment companies/agencies are not the ones to blame as they only account for 15% of jobs in Australia which leaves 85% of employers using direct advertisements, social media or their own recruitment teams.

Many businesses choose to use a recruitment agency for a number of reasons including:

  • Time
  • Lack of resources
  • Expertise
  • Hard to fill jobs

Although recruitment agencies bring forward a range of benefits, they are also an additional cost to a business. This is why many small to medium-sized business stay away from recruiters, as they are an extra expense.

You may be finding it difficult to look for a job if you are only relying on a recruiting agency as you are missing out on a major sector of the market. Many jobs can be found within small to medium businesses. These particular businesses usually advertise on social media, word of mouth or even other local businesses.

It is also recommended to look beyond the traditional job recruiting sites. Many businesses post their jobs directly on their website. Go beyond the traditional methods and go beyond the first page of results. Finding a job isn’t as simple as the top result on a google search, rather takes continuous research and dedication until the right one is found. Although there are many jobs out there, they may not necessarily be the right one for you, hence why people are finding it hard to find the job for them.

Recruitment: How long it takes to find a job

Finding a job may take longer for some than others. It all depends on the business or employer. There is no clear-cut answer as there are too many factors which affect the process, which include:

  • The number of interviews needed in the process
  • Length of time taken to arrange interviews
  • Length of time taken for the hiring manager to make decision
  • How much time verification steps take (references, background checks, medicals)

Whether you have just finished your degree or recently entered Australia on a permanent visa, you probably want to secure a job as quickly as possible.

In Australia, it is estimated that it takes approximately 6 weeks before one can secure a job. However, every job is different and this process can be sorted out sooner or later.

According to industry sources, 60% of Australians feel that looking for a new job is a huge task and for good reason. Over a quarter (26%) of job seekers who are currently searching for a new job have been looking for three to six months.

Recruitment agencies & the process

Once you have found interest in a career path and have chosen a recruitment agency as your preferred method of choice there are a number of processes which then take place.

1 – Profiling: the recruiter will analyse and gather information about the role you are interested in, understanding key responsibilities and the day-to-day requirements. They will also research the essential skills which are needed for the job and the types of teams you may be working in.

2 – Searching: use of a database, networks, digital and social media to commence the search process. Each recruitment agency is different and will handle this step differently.

3 – Telephone screening: sourcing of top quality talent on the market, this ensures qualifications, culture and nature of the role are suitable

4 – Submission of a resume: delivering a high-quality resume. Recruitment agencies usually assist you with this process and make sure that your resume is of quality

5 – The interview: a structured interview is usually the most common form for the process. The recruitment agency will provide you with tips and help you best prepare for this step

6 – Job offer: the hiring manager will then make a job offer through the recruitment agency clarifying all specifics, salary and other benefits which are applicable. Once this offer has been accepted, the start day for the job is arranged and your career begins. Recruitment agencies provide ongoing support and advice even after commencement of the job making sure you have settled in and are well prepared.

If it is taking you longer than expected to find a job, don’t worry as this is not unusual. Finding the right recruitment agency that can represent you and your job is crucial in securing the ultimate career path.

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