Hiring or seeking? Employment agencies can help you


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Whether you are hiring or seeking, employment agencies are ready for all of your employment needs.

Recruitment agencies look for candidates suitable for companies based on a job description and business needs. They have become an increasingly beneficial and popular tool for both businesses and candidates. This is because of the expertise, professionalism and knowledge.

In general, Australia has a great employment rate. We can confidently thank the assistance of employment agencies.

“The employment Rate in Australia remained unchanged at 62.30 per cent in March from 62.30 per cent in February of 2019” – Trading Economics, 2019

Are you wondering if you should use an employment agency for your business? Struggling to find the right candidate? Looking for a new job? Can’t find a job? Recruitment agencies have all the answers.

Employment agencies and their relationship with employers
Are you an employer considering a recruitment agency to assist with your hiring process?

Employment agencies are a great way of helping secure some of the best candidates, making the process much easier.

There is a variety of jobs being advertised on many different channels and it can be daunting to choose the best approach to attract the candidates that are going to be best for your business. Whether you’re looking to hire a junior, manager or head of a department, employment agencies offer a range of benefits, that other channels may not offer.

Employment agencies with the required experience will help reach an outcome that is most beneficial for your business and team.

Want to know why hiring through a recruitment agency will benefit you? Here are some advantages we believe will help you!

Market knowledge:
Recruiters often have a large pool of knowledge and have access to specialist markets. Employment agencies have the tools available to reach out to the right talent for the right client. This includes looking for skill sets, salary rates and career expectations.

Each business is different, resulting in different requirements. Employment agencies can help seek out professionals in the industry you are in as they have access to candidates with the right set of qualifications. Helping you find the right fit, recruitment agencies aim to understand your requirements and thereafter secure talent for your business.

Extended reach:
It’s not what you know, but who you know. Employment agencies know the right people for you through their extensive employment network. They are specialists in finding and attracting qualified candidates compared to other channels of recruitment.

Finding the right candidate is not an easy task, and many don’t respond to job advertisements as well. A good recruiter overcomes these issues and finds the right candidates for clients.

With large networks, these agencies have the potential to connect businesses with a range of people with different levels of experience, many that couldn’t be found through any other channel.

Efficiency and speed:
Large companies don’t have the time to sift through applications and spend time looking at the ones that are worth considering. A recruitment agency can help relieve the stress and time taken and will assist with the process of finding the required talent.

Employment agencies will handle everything from communicating with applicants, notifying unsuccessful ones, providing feedback and verifying specific information.

Budget and resources:
Using employment agencies will provide the benefit of saving time and money that come along with employee recruitment, such as pre-employment testing, background testing and so forth.

Employment agencies are used to find the most skilled and efficient candidates for your business. Finding the right candidate for the business eliminates costs such as training and development.

These agencies have access to talent who have been trained and are specialised in their field. Consequently helping them complete tasks faster, further saving time and money for the business.

Employment agencies and their impact on potential employees
Finding the right job can be a long, stressful and difficult process. Many people don’t receive the results they want and aren’t placed in a job where they are happy. Using a recruitment agency can help alleviate the stress of candidates. Step aside and let the firms use their experience and knowledge to find the right job for you.

Recruitment agencies can help you in two different ways. If you are a part of their database, they may contact you as they have found your resume or profile and may think you are qualified for a particular job. On the other hand, you may reach out to the employment agency yourself and apply/submit for an open application. The recruitment agency will then help see if you qualify for any positions.

What do employment agencies bring to the table?
Free of charge for candidates and are working on request by their clients who are other companies. Therefore resulting in no costs as a candidate. If you want free help, recruitment agencies are your answer!
They have extensive knowledge about the market and can provide amazing opportunities suited to your needs and expertise.
With a massive network, they have contacts with a variety of businesses and can help get you in touch with a range of employers or projects.
Recruitment agencies have jobs that you as a job seeker can not even see yet. They have partnerships with clients and agencies and are the first to know about any new jobs on the market.
They provide you with feedback regarding your job search and make sure you are aware of the process. Many agencies also help candidates through each phase, helping prepare for job interviews, cover letter writing, resume writing and advice on industry trends and salary ranges. They aren’t just there to help you secure a job, rather want to create a process that is beneficial for you, helping you land a job efficiently and productively.

Looking for a recruitment agency in Melbourne to help you with the employment process?

TLNT. is here for you! A global recruitment agency, located in Melbourne and New York City, with an extended clients base, we offer high-calibre services no matter the industry.

TLNT. helps candidates and business cut through the long and tiring process of hiring. We find people and secure jobs based on our client’s needs.

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