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If you are looking to find the perfect candidate for a vacant position within your company, TLNT. recruitment is the solution. Offering comprehensive workplace services, our experienced team work all over Australia, enabling career opportunity for many, through you.


Process focused

TLNT. filters your options of candidacy and ensures that your next potential hire is highly skilled in your particular industry, providing you with optimum productivity. This means that you can provide the best possible services, through direct and meaningful work.

Inhouse services

TLNT. conducts all activities in house. This means TLNT. becomes a one-stop hub which caters to all of your recruitment needs, bringing quality service and results to you. Tailoring the recruitment process to suit your demands, we have the control to keep your requirements a top priority, delivering excellent results for both individuals and organisations, all-in-one. Aside from utilizing the best job boards and platforms to promote, we also use other measures to get a rough sense of quality in a candidate: companies worked for, track record and achievements, recognition and promotions, duration of employment and years of experience and turnover vs. job level.

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Hire solutions

  • Filter your options
  • Find the hire that best suits your business
  • Connect to your top candidate
  • Improve your business ethos and productivity
  • Guaranteed long-term recruitment process

Hire solutions

  • Filter your options
  • Find the hire that best suits your business
  • Connect to your top candidate
  • Improve your business ethos and productivity
  • Guaranteed long-term recruitment process
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Professional Development & Training

Bringing quality teams to you, TLNT. supports its staff with development and training programs, delivering stronger results. With programs involving ongoing training such as leadership development, sales skills and customer engagement, we can help reach your goals more efficiently.

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Produce detailed descriptions of vacant role

Run job ads and access database of candidates

Suitable candidates are filtered, shortlisted and interviewed over the phone

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Candidates then come to the office for an interview to confirm suitability

Candidate references are obtained and screening and assessments are undertaken

Resumes and relevant qualifications of suitable candidates are then forwarded to the client

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Interview between client and shortlisted candidate is then arranged

Selection advice is provided to client. Suitable candidate is then identified by client and commences new role

Post engagement commences to ensure candidate is an ongoing fit where evaluations are obtained with updates on candidate performance and feedback from client




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Al Hot

CEO of Everlast Interiors (Architectural Millwork Company)

Rina, I must applaud you in the talent you have sent us at Everlast Interiors. We appreciate the follow up frame and your ability to rapidly fill difficult roles

Al Hot

CEO of Fasttrack Construction (Construction company)

TLNT. was able to find us multiple project managers within two weeks who all have excellent credentials and continue to be a great asset to the company

Nick Gazivoda

Managing Director at ALYCENT Marketing Group (Marketing Agency)

Rina really listens to her clients and has ongoing conversations about human capital, talent, industry trends and also offers insights other agencies have failed to offer. She has fostered trust and forged relationships with our very own clients through open and honest interactions that have created positive experienced and outcomes for everyone she works with. She is results driven and because of this her engagement strategy is less like a marketing and sales campaign but rather a well-developed friendship founded of the basis of needs and mutual respect.

Linda Brooks

former VP of the Durst Organization & CEO of Resourceful Humans

Rina is simply one of the most exceptional people I’ve had to work with throughout my career. Reliable, quick and a strong sense of responsibility and she never fails to send us great quality candidates to review. She is our “go to” person whenever we need executive roles filled internally and within our property division.

Ardian Harusha

Operations Manager at Able Services

Outgoing personality, warm and polite demeanour and refined social skills, Rina is exceptional to work with. She has helped us fill over 30 vacant roles within the course of 6 months. We’d highly recommend her and her team if you’re looking to work with a recruitment agency that listens and cares about you and your organization